Welcome to PittStop Lindy Hop 15!

Last-Minute Info!

Important Weekend Driving Info!

PittStop welcomes dancers of all ages and experience to a high-energy weekend of swing dancing, up to 30 hours of music and dancing fun! This year our bands will feature such illustrious names as Gordon Webster, the Boilermaker Jazz Band, Rick Matt, and the dulcet tones of Miss Freddye.

Dance Music Venue
FRIDAY evening 8-12 pm Boilermaker Jazz Band Soldiers & Sailors Hall
FRIDAY late-nite 1-5 am Miss Freddye's Blues Band Pittsburgh Opera
SATURDAY afternoon 1-5 pm Favorite DJs Soldiers & Sailors Hall
SATURDAY evening 8-12 pm Gordon Webster Big Band Soldiers & Sailors Hall
SATURDAY late-nite, 1-5 am Gordon Webster Blues Combo Pittsburgh Opera
SUNDAY afternoon 1-5 pm PittStop All Stars CMU Rangos Ballroom
SUNDAY evening 8-11 pm Rick Matt Project CMU Rangos Ballroom