Join us for the 13th Annual PittStop Lindy Hop Weekend!

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PittStop Schedule at a Glance
PittStop welcomes dancers of all ages and experience to a delicious weekend of swing dancing to the tastiest live bands and deejayed music! For 7 dances including 2 late-nights, spacious venues and great bands, register now to enjoy this feast of swing music and dance in Pittsburgh or purchase advance tickets to Fri. and Sat. evening dances.*


Cooking Instructions

Register early. Simmer until excitement threatens to boil over. Mix with 300+ Lindy Hoppers from far and wide. Stir in PittStop awesome sauce. Now you're cooking! Caution: results will be HOT!

Serve With

PittStop Lindy Hop goes great with: Pie, Cake, Everything You Bake, All That Meat and No Potatoes, Cole Slaw (Down in Arkansas), Saturday Night Fish Fry, A Big Apple, Potato Chips, A Banana Split For My Baby, A Pig Foot and a Bottle of Beer, Shoo-Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy, Tutti Frutti, Frim Fram Sauce, and, of course, plenty of Sweet Potato Fries.

*Warning: PittStop has been known to cause uncontrollable smiling and happiness, sometimes lasting long after the event.