Last-Minute Info!

PittStop Lindy Hop 16 

Welcome to PittStop 16! We're really looking forward to dancing with you this weekend! Here's some last minute info for attendees:
If you run into any problems during the weekend, feel free to contact the following committee member at any time for help:
  • Lisa Tamres 412-401-6393
All PittStop committee members will be wearing distinctive buttons and/or wristbands so you can identify them. We're available to help you any time throughout the weekend. [Top]
A printable version of the event booklet is available online at . This includes driving directions and parking information for all venues. Check the info page for other useful information such as restaurant recommendations.  [Top]
Be forewarned!  a section of the main artery I-376 (the "Parkway East") will be completely closed for bridge-building work from 11 PM Friday through Monday morning, forcing traffic to detour through city streets, as shown in this lovely map (from a prior date, but routes are the same).  While you may not need to use this section,  traffic may still be bad due to backups into the closure points and congestion along the detour routes.  There's no magic solution, so:
  • Use a traffic-aware navigation app like Google Maps or Waze to find the best route if you possibly can.
  • Allow extra time if coming on an affected route
  • If housing outside the city on these routes, plan to come into town once for the entire day.
  • Take heart that you are getting a very authentic taste of Pittsburgh life ;-) [Top]
In the spirit of the season, we're hosting a CANNED food drive at our Saturday dances.  Give help to those who have not by bringing non-perishable food items or supplies to help restock the shelves of the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank in advance of Thanksgiving.  [Please no items in glass containers.] For every item you donate, you will be entered into a drawing for a FREE PASS to next year's PittStop.  Or make a cash contribution and get one raffle ticket for each dollar.  Thank you for your support!! [Top]
Saturday evening is dress-up night! While you can wear whatever is comfortable, we encourage you to "dress to impress" at the main Saturday evening dance if you're so inclined: help us create an elegant tone for this dance in the classic old Soldiers and Sailors ballroom! (And spread the word! Incredibly, not everyone reads our emails.)   [Top]
Sunday Late Night House Party
Staying over Sunday night and want more dancing? A certain long-time committee member hosts an official unofficial Sunday Late Night dance party at her large Squirrel Hill house. Details will be announced at PittStop; feel free to ask around if you need them. [Top]
If you requested housing, you should have received an email with your housing assignment by now. It's best to contact your host before you come to town, to see if you need to bring towels/blankets/etc, advise on when you will be arriving, etc. We will call for a housing meetup during the second band break at the Friday night dance to allow you to meet your hosts. The committee will be available throughout the weekend if you need assistance finding your host.
Remember we only coordinate housing to full weekend registrants who request it and have paid. If you believe you're entitled to housing, but didn't receive your assignment, please contact immediately to sort things out.  [Top]

Venue Parking Tips
     Soldiers and Sailors: You can park in the garage directly below Soldiers and Sailors Hall for $5, although you can't take your car in and out. For our evening dances, the garage has agreed to stay open past their usual posted hours until 1 AM to allow PittStoppers to retrieve their vehicles.  You can also look for street parking in the vicinity:

     Saturday afternoon, street pay parking kiosks will be in effect until 6 PM. Street parking is free after 6 PM and all day Sunday -- you do not have to put money in the kiosks at those times. HOWEVER: that does NOT apply to privately run metered parking lots (there are a couple near Soldiers and Sailors). These may still be enforced 24 hours, so check the signs.
     Late nights: You should be able to find free parking on the street with a little hunting. Among pay options in the area, there is a surface pay lot by Mullaney's Harp and Fiddle at 24th and Penn and the Cork Factory pay parking garage is available two blocks away at 24th St. and Smallman St.  

   St. Nicholas:  Has a good-sized parking lot available for use during PittStop. Street parking is also free on Sundays. 
A taxi from the airport into town will cost $60 or more, so your best bet is to take the 28X bus from the Airport to the Oakland neighborhood for $3.75 (farebox accepts bills but does not give change). Schedule at
  • To get to our Friday evening dance, ask the driver to let you off at the University of Pittsburgh (Forbes Ave and Schenley Drive, just before Pitt's Cathedral of Learning tower). Cross Forbes and walk one block up Bigelow Blvd to Soldiers and Sailors Hall facing Fifth Avenue.
  • If you're arranging to meet up with a host at another time, it may be easiest to take the bus from the airport and meet somewhere in the city. A convenient meeting point could be the last stop of the 28X at Forbes and Morewood in front of the CMU campus.  [Top]
Coming into town early? Check out Tartan Swing at Rangos Hall at Carnegie Mellon on Thursday night. Staying in town after? Check out Hot Metal Blues on Tuesday night at Peter's Pub in Oakland, [Top]

Whew!!! That's all for now. Did we happen to mention that we're all really really psyched? We can't wait to dance with you this weekend!
Your Friendly Neighbors,
The PittStop Crew